Miss Info Reflects On Giving "Illmatic" The Extremely Rare Five Mic Rating (Video)

Hot 97's Miss Info shares the story of giving Nas's "Illmatic" the coveted rating of five mics in The Source

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In the past few weeks, the entire hip-hop community has weighed in to celebrate Nas’s debut album Illmatic as it celebrates its 20th anniversary this Sunday, April 19. Over the past 20 years, it’s risen to be held as a genuine masterpiece of hip-hop. But back in the era that it was released, there was one writer who helped push that belief into the minds of rap fans. And that writer was Minya Oh, AKA Miss Info, who gave Illmatic the very rare and extremely coveted ranking of 5 Mics in The Source.

Today, most hip-hop heads know her from her work with Hot 97, Miss Info.TV, and now VH1’s This Is Hot 97. But back then she was a writer for The Source who went by the pen name “Shortie,” and had the foresight to know a flawless rap album when she heard it, and the confidence to deem it as such. Check out the video above from our sit down with Miss Info.

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