Waka Flocka Opens Up About Dating Post-Divorce, Asks Mom to Stop Sending ‘Potential Daughter-in-Laws’

Waka shared his thoughts on what it's been like hitting the dating market after his and Tammy Rivera's divorce last year, saying he's "been thru way too much to settle."

Paras Griffin / Getty Images

It's been more than a year since Waka Flocka Flame and Tammy Rivera called it quits after nearly a decade of marriage. Since then, the Atlanta rapper hasn't shied away from discussing the couple's separation, however Waka's maintained he's in no rush to jump into another relationship.

Over the weekend, Waka hopped on Instagram to shed some light on his experiences as a divorced man. The 37-year-old Flockaveli artist shared a pair of screenshots featuring quotes about the dating world, captioning them with further thoughts on the subject.

One quote read, "If we're dating, I want to be your second priority. I want your first priority to be you, your ambitions, your life, and your future, stay focused! I want the best for you. Don't let me be your distraction, let me be your motivation, your support, and your help to GROW."

In Waka Flocka's caption, he wondered when he'll find the next love of his life.

"If you her I'll make the world fall to our knees with butterflies in ya stomach," Waka wrote. "Where is my peace...I'm waiting for her but in the mean time I'ma live a little."

The other quote he shared speaks to his current situation, particularly in regard to the difficulties of entering the dating market after a long-term relationship: "To be honest, getting back into dating is wild. 1 red flag and I'ma ghost you."

Waka captioned that one, "My patience is limited for various reasons and i been thru way to much to settle," before tagging his mother and requesting that she "please stop sending me your potential daughter-in-law’s they crazy."

Earlier this month he posted the quote "heart on do not disturb until further notice," writing in his caption and a follow-up comment, "iPromise i’m good. Man i be wanting everybody to feel loved shit be eating me up everybody not happy shawty this shit deeper then rap."

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