PnB Rock’s Brother Mourns Late Rapper in Emotional Tribute

Rock's brother PnB Meen took to Instagram on Wednesday to pay tribute to the late rapper with a heartbreaking message. "I'm my brother's keeper," he wrote.

PnB Rock attends Palm Angels Fashion Show in 2020

Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images

PnB Rock attends Palm Angels Fashion Show in 2020

PnB Meen is mourning the tragic murder of his brother PnB Rock, who was shot on Monday at Roscoe’s House of Chicken ’N Waffles in South Los Angeles.

Meen took to Instagram on Wednesday to pay tribute with a heartbreaking post. Captioning a picture of the pair together as young boys, Meen began by praising his brother as being the “only one who believed I can do what you do.”

“I can’t stop crying bro,” Meen wrote. “Why u ain’t have me with you? I always have ya back and front and sides. Please Give me the strength to do this. With all my soul ima carry. Stand on Business...This my first message to you of many. I can’t believe this shit.”

“I looked up to you,” Meen continued. “Everything you did, Rock, I was in awe...They took you out of all people. Why not me, Man??? My life always been shit until you made It. I never thought you would leave broooo why wtff man.”

After assuring PnB Rock that he will take care of the late rapper’s young daughters, Meen ended the message writing, “I’m my brother’s keeper.” 

On his IG Stories on Tuesday, PnB Meen wrote, “Words can’t explain. I’m fucked up I’m not good.”

PnB Meen's IG Stories post about brother

Los Angeles Police Capt. Kelly Muniz told reporters on Monday, “The victim was sitting at a table eating with a female witness when he was approached by the suspect. The suspect then brandished a firearm and demanded his property. … The suspect then fired multiple rounds and then appears to remove some property, to what extent we don’t know at this time.”

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