Aspiring Arkansas Rapper Arrested for Threatening, Hate-Filled Lyrics

The 20-year-old Arkansas man was arrested on a charge of terroristic threatening for lyrics featuring threats against government officials and racial groups.

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An aspiring rapper in Arkansas has been arrested for allegedly putting threatening lyrics in his music.

KHBS-TV reports Reese Alexander Sullivan, 20, was arrested on a charge of terroristic threatening.  According to the Bentonville Police Department, the FBI analyzed nine of Sullivan's songs, which featured the 20-year-old threatening to kill children, the president, his grandmother, and specific racial groups. In addition, Sullivan allegedly threatened to sexually assault children, bomb churches, and shoot up his school.

The FBI searched Sullivan's apartment last week, though they didn't find any weapons or explosives.

Sullivan maintained to law enforcement that the songs were written and recorded when he was 17, and that he was "rapping as a humorous fictional character when he made the material." Sullivan added he "has not sexually abused children and he has no intent of committing the violent acts mentioned in his music."

KHBS-TV was unsuccessful in its attempt to track down the songs in question, as the court documents redacted Sullivan's rapper name and the name of the website where he uploaded the music.

Sullivan was booked into jail Nov. 4 and subsequently released on a $50,000 bond. He is scheduled to appear in court Dec. 11 in Benton County. Law enforcement has ordered Sullivan to refrain from using social media or make internet posts of a written, audio, or video nature.

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