Singer-Songwriter Dawn Details Her Musical Heritage

Singer-songwriter Dawn speaks about the influence her father and New Orleans have had on her love for music.

We inherit many characteristics from our parents: biological, emotional, and even spiritual. For singer-songwriter Dawn, music is ingrained in her DNA. Growing up in New Orleans, Dawn was immersed in jazz from a young age, but she credits her father for instilling a passion for music in her, which endures to this day. A man with an insatiable love of music, and in particular jazz—fittingly, one of NOLA’s most cherished genres—Dawn’s father has certainly influenced and shaped his daughter’s artistry.

Now, as a successful musician herself, Dawn strives to honor the legacy that both her father and her city entrusted her with. She also continues to follow the best piece of advice her pops ever gave her: Follow your heart.

To hear more from Dawn about her father’s influence on her music and life, check out the video above, brought to you by the Lincoln MKZ.

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