Yung Bleu Says He Didn't Cheat on Wife With Woman He Flew Out Because She Smelled Bad

He said the woman who attempted to expose him "had a lil smell that engulfed the plane."

Prince Williams via Getty Images

Yung Bleu said that he didn't cheat on his wife with a woman who claimed he flew her out because, actually, she smelled really bad.

In a pair of since-deleted posts shared on X, the social media network formerly known as Twitter, the Alabama native chimed in after his wife Tiemeria accused him of infidelity following a TikTok exposé from a woman who said he flew her out under the pretense of hooking up. "I let u be a tag along fa the day true. But U went back home in a Uber with hunger pains cuz you was loud and hygiene wasn't up to my standards," Bleu wrote. "Had a lil smell that engulfed the plane. Nails dirty, shoes 2 sizes to big with a lil dust on em. So yea."

While he confirmed that he did, in fact, fly out the TikTok user @tenommmmm, he denied ever sleeping with her. "U was a link up that turned to a side kick that day cuz I was being respectful and ain't wanna send you back and hurt ya feelings," he continued. "Ain't get no dick or no vibes tho. Hope u enjoyed ya stay tho lil mama."

In a follow-up tweet, which he has also since deleted, he further clarified the situation.

"I be quiet in my lil bubble dnt come bothering me then when I tell the truth act like I'm clout chasing never needed clout im telling the truth never said it was a [cat emoji] smell," the 29-year-old artist wrote. "But her chlothes had a smell that manifested through the whole plane. dk if it was mildew or what. That's why I acted like I did u came to social media 6 months later for answer and u got it. I woulda kept that to myself cuz I'm [100 emoji]."

The woman who accused him has since shared another video in which she responded to his claim she smelled bad. "I have one question! If I stunk why when I left you why you was still texting my phone tryna still be cool with me," she wrote in a caption on the video. "If I stunk why are you on my blocklist."

The whole situation with Bleu kicked off after his wife ripped into him on her Instagram Stories. "N***a stay tryna fly bitches out don't nobody wanna lick on that short ass dick y'all can have his desperate bitch ass big teeth ass bitch that hoe not lying on yo dirty ass bitch," she wrote in a post that she followed with, "Sissy bitch."

She said that when she confronted him about it, he said he had no idea what she was talking about but later returned to say he found the video and accused the woman of lying. "I said to him, 'This girl is not fucking lying on you, this girl got video of your lying ass on a plane,'" she said. "She got so many fucking receipts. ... I hope Boosie [Badazz] come get your fucking ass." She suggested that she now needs "the best divorce lawyer in Georgia."

Despite responding to Tenom's exposé about him, Bleu has not commented on what Tiemeria said regarding a potential divorce. He also didn't seem to deny he intended to cheat on her, even if he ultimately didn't.

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