Woman Arrested After Bursting Into Justin Bieber's Hotel Room

TMZ reports that Justin Bieber had a particularly scary run-in with a fan on Tuesday.

Justin Bieber

Image via WikiCommons/Soundercover

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber addressed his ongoing mental health struggles recently in a lengthy post, explaining to his fans that he was working on "repairing some of the deep rooted issues that I have as most of us have, so I don't fall apart." But his struggles with depression aren't the only thing he's been going through, as a source close to the singer previously said that he wasn't coping very well with "the idea of fame." 

TMZ reports that he had a particularly scary run-in with a fan on Tuesday, which likely hasn't done much to help in that regard. Sources close to law enforcement in Laguna Beach say that Bieber was staying at a hotel when a drunken woman burst into his room unannounced.

She was reportedly getting drunk in the hotel earlier in the day, walking through the hallways, but security initially escorted her off the property. Despite this, she managed to find her way back into the hotel and went straight for Bieber's room.

When she made her way into his room, he reportedly remained calm and just told her to leave while his security held her until the police arrived. The woman claimed that she entered his room by mistake, but she was booked for trespassing anyway. On Monday night, she stayed in a hotel room close to Bieber's. She was in her late '30s, according to law enforcement.

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