The Game Thinks YoungBoy Never Broke Again Will Be This Generation's 2Pac

In a new interview, The Gamehsuggested that YoungBoy Never Broke Again could be considered by some as the 2Pac of this generation of rappers.

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In a new interview, The Game hsuggested that YoungBoy Never Broke Again could be considered the 2Pac of this generation of rappers.

Speaking with Montreality, Game suggested that what 2Pac was to him, YoungBoy might be to someone growing up with his music.

“NBA YoungBoy will be 2Pac of this generation,” he said around the 15-minute mark of the video above. “Sometimes when you see an 18-year-old say, ‘NBA YoungBoy is better than 2Pac,’ it’s not because he actually is or 2Pac is better than NBA YoungBoy. It’s just the Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron thing, it’s just different eras of greatness. You should just appreciate them now, because an 18-year-old cannot appreciate or relate to 2Pac because they weren’t even alive.”

As Game pointed out, 2Pac has been dead for almost 26 years, and as such it might make it harder for someone to relate to his music if they weren’t even born yet when it dropped. “An 18-year-old kid wasn’t even born for another six years after he died,” he continued. “So why would you expect him to relate to 2Pac over NBA YoungBoy? Somebody who is just a few years older than him who he listens to every day who’s probably living the same type of lifestyle that he’s living.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Game shared his appreciation for all sorts of hip-hop that came before him, too. “When Public Enemy was doing ‘Fight the Power’ or N.W.A. was saying ‘Fuck the Police,’ I appreciated that,” he said. "The LOX, fucking Biggie and Pac, and just Nas and Hov, and everybody. Why can’t we just appreciate everybody and everything in music and be a collective of fucking just dope shit?”

Check out the full interview with Game above.

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