Rowdy Rebel Says He Knew 6ix9ine Would 'Rat': 'P*ssy Had a Great Run'

On the latest episode of DJ Akademiks’ 'Off the Record' podcast, Rowdy Rebel has said he “knew” 6ix9ine would cooperate with authorities but GS9 never would.

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On the latest episode of DJ Akademiks’ Off the Record podcast, Rowdy Rebel has said he “knew” 6ix9ine would cooperate with authorities but GS9 never would.

Akademiks suggested on the episode that New York City’s rap scene was pretty much “dead” from the time GS9’s Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy were locked up, to Pop Smoke’s debut. In response, Rowdy accused Ak of “lying” because he was “fucking with” controversial rapper 6ix9ine. 

“That pussy had a great run, son,” he said with a laugh at the 1:08:40 point of the podcast, or as seen in the clip above. He went on to explain that he “knew” that 6ix9ine was going to cooperate in the Nine Try Gangsters trial, because he’s already seen “the toughest n***as fall under pressure in that room, he wasn’t even half as tough.” He suggested that he’s seen alleged murderers crack under the same pressure, even.

Rowdy even refuted that 6ix9ine collaborated with Shmurda, and said that his verse recorded while in prison for “Stoopid” wasn’t a legitimate collab. “I knew when the feds came,” he stressed after Ak doubted that Rowdy knew 6ix9ine was going to work with the feds. “Mad n**gas thought he was gonna tell,” Rowdy said. “Certain n**gas was posting certain shit saying he was gonna tell. Stop playing with me, man. N**gas thought he was gonna fucking rat like some fucking pussies.”

When Ak asked how it was any different for GS9 when the rap outfit’s case was ongoing, Rowdy said, “It’s morals where we’re from, name a n***a that ratted from our hood that’s still out here.” When he saw the list of witnesses on his own case, he said that most of the list was comprised of his childhood friends. “They was trying to get us to turn, though,” he admitted. “You’d get labeled as a fuck n***a all your life.”

Earlier in the podcast, at the 27:00 point, Rebel said that he “didn’t care” about what people would say about his career when he got home from prison because he initially thought, “It was over for me.” He almost did 12 years behind bars, but was ultimately given just seven thanks to a plea deal. “If I went to trial and lost trial, I woulda probably been hit with 55 years to life or some wild shit.”

Rowdy previously made mention of 6ix9ine while he was locked up and the TattleTales rapper was released from custody over COVID-19 concerns.

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