Pitbull Sampled Toto's 'Africa' for the 'Aquaman' Soundtrack for Some Reason

DC and Warner Bros.'s Aquaman film is scheduled to finally hit theaters next week on Dec. 21.


Image via Getty/Theo Wargo


DC and Warner Bros.'s Aquaman film is scheduled to finally hit theaters next week on Dec. 21, and the James Wan-directed underwater epic is sitting at a respectable 72 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. There's one aspect of the film that isn't faring quite so well, however, and that's Pitbull's contribution to the soundtrack.

Pitbull's newly released song, "Ocean to Ocean" featuring Rhea, has already received a backlash for its extensive use of an easily recognizable sample. Making use of Toto's "Africa" as both a beat for Mr. Worldwide to rap over and for Rhea's hook, "Ocean to Ocean" already sits at a pretty dire dislike-to-like ratio on YouTube.


The song itself is pretty much exactly as one might expect it to sound, with Pitbull dropping countless nautical references across the party-fied version of "Africa" like it's nothing. It's unclear how Toto themselves feel about the song, but hey at least they're getting paid.

Thank you @ew for the #Aquaman love! 💙 Hear "Ocean To Ocean" from yours truly feat. @rhea_robertson on the @aquamanmovie soundtrack, out tomorrow! https://t.co/Xlj9KKrI2D

— Pitbull (@pitbull) December 13, 2018

Aquaman is set to hit theaters next week, but if "Ocean to Ocean" appears in the credits for the film it might not be worth sticking around for that post-credits sequence. Listen to Pitbull's take on "Africa" above.

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