OutKast Reunites at Big Boi's Son's Graduation

Big Boi and André 3000 haven't performed together as OutKast for a couple of years now.


Image via Getty/Prince Williams


Big Boi and André 3000 haven't performed together for a couple of years now, and the last time they released a full-length project as OutKast was with Idlewild. Despite their pursuit of solo projects—Big Boi with numerous records, including 2017's Boomiverse, and André with his acting career—the two have remained close over the years. For example, André celebrated Big Boi's son's high school graduation with him.

To celebrate the occasion, Big Boi posted a picture of his son Cross Patton in full graduation mode. "Congrats son," he wrote. "Oregon here we come!"

"It's been 1 hell of a journey," Big Boi wrote in a second post congratulating Patton. "Raising three kids, private school to college degrees, never woulda thought this rap shit would have brought me here, to God be the glory."

Of course, Three Stacks has always shown love for Big Boi and his kids, reuniting last year when his older son Andre "Bamboo" Patton II graduated with honors at high school. This probably doesn't mean new music from both of them is on the way, but it is always nice to see them together.

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