NBA Draftees Quizzed on '90s Pop Culture Couldn't Name OutKast or Destiny's Child

Nothing makes people feel their age than pop culture references.

Rui Hachimura

Image via Getty/Sarah Stier

Rui Hachimura

Nothing makes people feel their age than pop culture references. While many millennials grew up on The Simpsons, Bad Boy, and hip-hop music, Gen Z might not be old enough to understand what might be common knowledge to others. In a series of questions asked by ESPN, some of the brightest 2019 NBA draftees were quizzed on some of the most iconic acts and products of the '90s. Their answers will almost certainly make people realize just how old they're getting.

Perhaps unsurprisingly for a bunch of a players born in 1998 at the earliest, very few of them were able to recognize some of the pop culture references of the '90s. Coby White identified the Super Nintendo (known in Japan as the Super Famicom) as a "Game Cast," while Rui Hachimura asked if it was a "PlayStation 1." Clearly ashamed when he was given the answer, Hachimura joked, "Oh, [it's] Japanese too."

They were also quizzed on the Easy Bake oven, fanny packs, Good Burger, and two very important musical acts. When Destiny's Child and OutKast popped up, very few of them were able to identify who they were. Some of them were able to spot Beyoncé in Destiny's Child, but Hachimura still thought they were the Spice Girls.

It didn't take long for folks to chime on Twitter, shocked at how old they suddenly feel.

At least some of them knew OutKast, though.

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