Watch Metro Boomin Name Top 5 Atlanta Artists of All Time, Cook Up a Beat From Scratch

Metro Boomin revealed his top five Atlanta artists of all time and brilliantly made a beat from scratch in an extensive new podcast interview.

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Metro Boomin joined the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast for the latest episode, and during his interview he revealed his favorite Atlanta artists of all time and made a beat from scratch. 

In the chat, the visionary, St. Louis-raised producer spoke about how he shifted his focus from rapping to producing, and explained why his many-time collaborator 21 Savage can be a “challenging” artist to work with at times. When pressed at the 24-minute mark to name the most talented people he’s been in the studio with, Metro hesitated before highlighting Solange and the Weeknd.

The Not All Heroes Wear Capes beatsmith had just as much difficulty naming his top five Atlanta artists when asked at the 32:50 point of the interview. Even though he’s not from ATL, Metro is easily one of the most prolific and decorated producers in the city, working with some of its biggest names for years.

Boomin immediately said Future has “got to be” in his top five, and upon naming his own Savage Mode II collaborator 21, Metro noted that Savage “don’t give a fuck about being considered, like, the top five artists from Atlanta.” He explained that Future “transformed this shit…him and [Young] Thug.” Gucci Mane also made the top five, as did T.I., but Metro admitted it was “hard” to name just five because there’s “generations of this shit.” 

Earlier in the chat, the man behind “Jumpman,” “Ric Flair Drip,” and countless other classics explained how he and 21 Savage challenge each other when they’re in the studio. “The way me and Savage work, it’s easy...but at the same time it’s challenging. Not challenging in a bad way, it’s just I feel like we challenge each other so much,” he said at the 12:00 point, while also begrudging how sometimes he’ll sit with 21 in the studio and play him “30 to 40 beats” before he picks one he likes. “I feel like with him, it’s always easy for us as a whole, but at the same time he challenges me. But I need that, though, so that’s a blessing,” he summarized.

Right near the end of the episode, at the 42:00 mark, Metro Boomin effortlessly made a beat in front of the two hosts in less than 20 minutes utilizing a Whitney Houston sample, inspiring Gillie to freestyle. Here’s a clip:

Check out the full Million Dollaz Worth of Game episode up top.

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