Meek Mill, Ice T, and Xzibit Call Out Police for Placing Killer Mike in Handcuffs Following Grammys Wins

The rapper was handcuffed inside arena after winning three Grammys on Sunday.

Amy Sussman via Getty Images

Rappers are standing by Killer Mike after he was handcuffed for an alleged misdemeanor at Sunday's Grammys, where he was a three-time winner.

"Propaganda at an all time high too... I love Killer Mike big inspiration to me! wrote Meek Mill tweeted. "He need more awards for the things he does for the culture! But getting 3 Grammies and getting arrested immediately after insanity ... they award giving timing is very off to me 🤔!"

In a follow-up tweet, he added, "To arrest killer Mike immediately after the Grammies propaganda…. A lot of people are questioning the decision making and bases of the award choosing in the gen z era… their timing to award black men be totally off!"

Ice T also spoke out against authorities.

"Homie just won 3 Grammys," he wrote. "LAPD are Cold Blooded... They could have at least waited till he got outside or at his hotel. Word is it's a misdemeanor.. This is that EXTRA BS.. smh."

Xzibit chimed in as well. "It's absolutely necessary to find out who made that call and why they arrested or detained @KillerMike after his well deserved sweep of the rap categories at this years Grammys," he tweeted. "Congratulations are in order @KillerMike but we MUST find out who did this bullshit."

After picking up the awards for Best Rap Song, Best Rap Performance, and Best Rap Album for his 2023 record Michael, Killer Mike was placed in handcuffs inside the Los Angeles arena on Sunday. Video shows him being escorted throiugh the arena by several police officers. It was later reported that he was detained following a physical altercation and was questioned. He was released later that night.

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