Logic and Eminem Drop Video for "Homicide" Starring Chris D'Elia

The video stars Chris D'Elia as Em and inexplicably has Chauncey Leopardi, aka Michael "Squints" Palledorous from 'The Sandlot,' as Logic.

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Logic's latest album, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, featured a collaboration with none other than Eminem on "Homicide." Logic first gave fans a taste of the song he cooked up with Em one week before the full record arrived, and now he's giving it an extra push with the arrival of the "Homicide" music video.

The visual starts with a cameo from Def Jam CEO Paul Rosenberg, who informs Logic they likely won't be able to shoot the video as they originally planned. From there he's given an alternative pitch: Instead of Logic and Em trading bars, you've got Chris D'Elia as Em and, inexplicably, Chauncey Leopardi—aka Michael "Squints" Palledorous from The Sandlot—as Logic.

They do manage to get Eminem near the end, but instead of making a traditional appearance he does a pitch-perfect impression of D'Elia's impression of him. If you're unfamiliar with D'Elia's impersonation, Em called the comedian's takedown "incredible" earlier this year. In fact, the Detroit icon was so awed that he decided to challenge D'Elia to a rap battle. "Homicide" features a sample of D'Elia, so the video sees the impression finally coming full circle.

This funniest shit I’ve seen all day g. He say this how Eminem raps. pic.twitter.com/9lc8cWA5yd

— Larry Legend (@larryislegend) September 2, 2018

Watch the video for "Homicide" above.

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