This New Lil Pump and DJ Carnage Collab Sounds Like a Banger

This sounds like it could be another hit for the "Gucci Gang" rapper.

Lil Pump
Photo Scott Dudelson via Getty
Lil Pump

It seems as if Lil Pump is gearing up to have an even bigger 2018. The rapper catapulted to stardom last year, reaching a new peak with the release of his hugely successful No. 3 single "Gucci Gang." The song already has over 384 million views on the official video alone, and that's not even counting the separate audio-only upload on YouTube. To celebrate the year ahead, Pump has given us a preview of one of his upcoming tracks.

Partnering with Guatemalan-born producer DJ Carnage, it sounds like he might have another hit on his hands with the new track he's previewed on Instagram. Supposedly titled "Shynee," the pair have hinted that the track is on the way very soon. In fact, Pump captioned the clip of the track with, "Pump x DJ Carnage 'Shynee' comment if I should drop this this week."

Everything we've seen and heard from Pump this year makes it seem as if he's having the time of his life, making the most of his success and not slowing down for even a second. With how soon we're expecting the drop of this new song, Pump is making it clear that he's here to stay, whether you love him or hate him.

Earlier today, footage of him high off sedatives following the removal of his wisdom teeth popped up online, and the resulting video is one of the funniest things you'll see on the internet today. 

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