Lil Durk Says He Charges $350k for Features, Responds to If He Was Worried About Backlash Over Morgan Wallen Collab

Lil Durk had a wide-ranging conversation on the latest episode of the 'Full Send Podcast,' where he revealed how much he charges for a feature.

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Lil Durk had a wide-ranging conversation on the latest episode of the Full Send Podcast, where he revealed how much he charges for a feature.

“If I don’t know you… I ain’t gonna lie, I gotta go $350,000,” Durk said at the 35:30 mark of the video above. “I got receipts. … Now listen, you gotta have receipts. ‘Cause somebody could come up here just to lie, to boost they sales.”

When he was asked who paid him $350,000 for a feature, Durk replied, “I don’t know if I could do that, though, but I got receipts.”

The Chicago rapper has had an explosive few years, with two No. 1 albums on the Billboard 200, and a number of high-profile collabs. It only makes sense, then, that Durk has a high asking price when it comes to getting him on a track.

Of course, he doesn’t always charge to appear on someone else’s track. “Yeah, if I like you or like your music,” he said when asked if he’s done features for free. “If I don’t know you from a can of paint, and the label wanna spend some money. … It’s not really the artist, even though it’s their budget, I’m gonna fuck the label up bad.”

Durk said that no one has tried to “finesse” a free feature from him, adding that he would always go through the artist’s label to guarantee his money.

Durk spoke about collaborating with Morgan Wallen on “Broadway Girls,” which arrived after a troubled year for the country star. “The thing behind that was, last year I had dropped my album, it was called The Voice. In my eyes, I’m like, ‘Ain’t nobody else dropping, we’re going number one,’” he said at the 6:10 mark. “Then they called, like, ‘You’re No. 2.’ So I’m like, ‘Who’s No. 1?’ He dropped the same day I dropped and he was No. 1 for ten weeks.”

Despite the controversy that englufed Wallen when he released Dangerous, the album performed remarkably well. “So I dmed him, like, ‘Man we gotta do something,’” Durk said about how they hooked up. “We was chopping it up, and he was telling me, like, ‘We got the little situation going on, [so] when it’s the right time.’” Durk said he got a “genuine love” from Wallen, and insisted he’s “not a racist” who “just made a mistake.” 

Asked if he felt any type of way about hearing Wallen use the N-word, Durk said he was very up-front about the situation and said it was a “drunk mistake.” When asked if he was worried about working with Wallen, he replied, “I don’t know, I just be feeling like I’m different. … If I felt he was a racist, I wouldn’t have did it anyway.”

On the topic of interesting potential collabs, Durk spoke about whether he would ever hop on a track with Taylor Swift. “Hell yeah!” he said at the 45:38 mark,. “That’s a no brainer. … Anybody with a bigger fanbase than mine.”

Durk was also asked who are his top three rappers out right now, and named Lil Baby, Kodak Black, and 21 Savage. “This not including the Thugs and the Futures,” he said.

And finally, Durk took a moment to address a wild line from his recent track “Shootout @ My Crib.” “I ain’t gon’ cap, you gon’ smell percs and lean when I fart,” he raps on the track’s chorus, which even provoked a reaction from NLE Choppa. “It was really just like, being sarcastic but it was… Sip so much lean and take so many percs, it’s like your body [is] flooded with drugs, it’s like as I fart you’ll smell it type shit,” Durk said at the 32:12 mark when asked to explain the line. “If you really do that your ass need to go the hospital!”

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