Krayzie Bone Reflects on Hospital Stay After Health Scare: 'I Had No Idea I’d Been There for 10 Days'

The Bone Thugs-N-Harmony rapper said he's lucky to be alive after suffering his experience in the hospital earlier this year.

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Bone Thugs-N-Harmony rapper Krayzie Bone has opened up about his near-fatal experience with mycetoma, which left him hospitalized in a medically induced coma for 10 days.

In an interview with Spin, the 50-year-old Cleveland native shared what prompted him to check himself into the hospital initially not realizing how dire the circumstances were. The rapper, who was diagnosed with pulmonary sarcoidosis in 2016, recalled that one night in September, he was up late playing video games when he started coughing up blood. It cleared up the next day, but eventually came back, so his wife told him it was best to see a doctor. "I went to the emergency room and they gave me little bags that I was coughing the blood up in," he shared. "By the time they came to take me to a room, I had used three of those bags."

Krayzie said he wasn't worried when he went to the hospital, but when he was told he was going to be put under he informed his family, friends, and Bone Thugs bandmates about it. The next thing he knew, ten days had passed.

"It was supposed to be a standard procedure where they would go in and stop the bleeding. An artery in my lung had ruptured and that is what was causing the bleeding," he said. "When I went under, they shut the hole up. But after a day, they said the bleeding wouldn’t stop. After the second day, the bleeding wouldn’t stop and the doctor started to panic. That’s when they told my wife they might want to get the family down here."

On the third day, he said, doctors weren't sure if he was "going to make it out of there." By the fourth day, thankfully, they were able to keep him stable, and he was intubated for another six days just to make sure. "When I woke up, they told me everything that happened. I had no idea I’d been there for 10 days," he added. "It was crazy. The medication they used to keep me down was Fentanyl, Ketamine, Propofol and one other one that I don’t remember. The doctor was tripping because he was like, 'We’ve never had to give a patient all four at the same time, but you would not stay down.' My tolerance is very high. One doctor was like, ‘I’m very impressed. This is very impressive. I’ve never seen anybody like this.'"

When he woke up, his brother and father were there with him alongside all of his kids. "Layzie [Bone], Flesh [Bone], and Wish [Bone] were there at the hospital every day, so when I woke up I was like, 'Damn, why is everybody so uptight? What the hell is going on?'" he said. "I didn’t even know how serious it was until I woke up. They informed me of everything that was going on. The doctors in the ICU, I don’t know if it’s what they see every day, but their outlook was grim." At one point, doctors believed he might need a lung transplant.

Ever since, Krazie Bone been on medication for mycetoma. "They don’t want me traveling for the rest of the year, but they were really happy to hear I was back in the gym and doing physical therapy with a personal trainer. I lost like 25 pounds in the hospital," he explained.

Krayzie is set to make his return to performing on stage on Dec. 16 alongside the rest of Bone Thugs.

After Krayzie Bone was hospitalized earlier this year, he shared a photo from the hospital and urged fans to "never take life for granted."

"Just fought for life literally for 9 days straight," Krayzie wrote on Instagram at the time. "And I only won the battle this time because I know Jehovah God was with me every step of the way fighting for me. Never take life for granted enjoy it while have you have it! Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers trust me I needed every last one of them."

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