Kodak Black Accuses Jackboy of Instigating YoungBoy Never Broke Again Beef

Kodak Black and former frequent collaborator Jackboy have been at each other for a minute, but now Kodak is bringing Youngboy Never Broke Again into it, too.


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Kodak Black and former frequent collaborator Jackboy have been at each for a hot minute, but now Kodak is bringing YoungBoy Never Broke Again into it, too.

The two had a falling out sometime earlier this year, and just as their feud was dying down it has been resurrected again after Jackboy asserted that he’s the biggest Haitian rapper out right now. He also claimed that Kodak wasn’t actually Haitian, because he was born in Florida. Kodak didn’t agree with his statement, and replied earlier this week in a series of since-deleted posts, per HotNewHipHop.

“"I been gettin money everything was Skr8 till Lil buddy touched some paper. ... n***a ain't gotta be born in Haiti my momma & daddy from there & I speak my shit fluent," said Kodak, alluding to his issue with what Jack said. "Lame ass Haitian talk like a dam white boy. ... Jit stay on some hoe shit, I'll respond bra have all da clout you want."

Kodak Black calls out Jackboy for saying he’s the biggest Haitian rapper, actually born in Haiti pic.twitter.com/ZAEyNJ97Ny

— Glock Topickz (@Glock_Topickz) August 26, 2021

On Friday, Jackboy released his new album Jackboy 2, but just before the release of the record Kodak accused his former friend of instigating the beef between him and YoungBoy Never Broke Again. For what it’s worth, Kodak and YoungBoy have been trading shots since at least 2017.

In a recent Instagram Live stream, Kodak alleged that the reason the YoungBoy beef started was because Jackboy dissed the rapper while logged into his Instagram. He also referenced his claim that he tried to sign YoungBoy in the past, but it all fell through when they started trading shots.

Jackboy has since dismissed these claims, and seemed to suggest he buys into the conspiracy theory that Kodak wasn't actually released from prison and was replaced with a clone.

"Man, Donald Trump, send me back my n***a, man, I don't know who the fuck y'all sent out here," said Jackboy, referring to Trump commuting Kodak's sentence for his 2020 conviction, HotNewHipHop reported. "Dude cappin', dude doing all type of shit. He's talking about, I had his password and I started a beef... What type of lame-ass shit is that, fool? ... I never had your password, don't ever cap. Send me your number! That's it, now you cappin' about I had your password. When? When!?”

Listen to Jackboy 2 above.

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