Kid Cudi Says He's Not Interested in Collaborating With Childish Gambino: 'I'm Cool'

Don't expect to hear a Gambino and Cudi collab anytime soon.

Two side-by-side photos of Kid Cudi and Donald Glover smiling at events
Catherine Powell / Stringer and Theo Wargo via Getty Images
Two side-by-side photos of Kid Cudi and Donald Glover smiling at events

Kid Cudi has shot down fans' hopes and dreams of seeing him collaborate with Donald Glover.

Cudi was fielding questions from fans on Twitter, formerly X, on Wednesday, Feb. 21, when he gave a very blunt answer to one fan. "You and Gambino gotta work on something whether it's TV, movies, or music we'd love to see/hear it! Your guys' song 'Warlords' needs an official release" wrote the fan, to which Cudi responded, "I'm cool."

In 2020, a collaboration between the two rumored to be titled "Warlords" leaked online, although it's unclear when they recorded the song. There's been no sign of an official release and this is the closest that Cudi has gotten to even acknowledging its existence. He didn't elaborate further on why he's not interested in collaborating with Glover, whether it be a song with Glover as Childish Gambino or Cudi acting in something alongside him.

Glover also opened for Cudi in 2011 at a show at New York City's Terminal 5, something he opened up about last year in an interview with GQ. "At the time I had a full band and a violinist," said Glover, recalling how he was booed by the audience. "I just kept turning to the band and telling them, ‘Next song! Next song!’ I put on a really intense show through the boos."

During his Q&A session on social media, Cudi reiterated his position on the unreleased Playboi Carti collaboration "Mr. Solo Dolo Part IV." Last year he said it was "weak" that Carti wouldn't clear the track, but didn't seem too fussed and indicated it would never come out.

When a fan asked him about the song again, he replied, "NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO STOP ASKIN NO NO NO NO NO STOP ASKIN NO NO NO NO." A fan who expressed their disappointed also got a response, to which he told them to relax. "I have way better songs," Cudi wrote. "Breathe."

A screenshot of a Twitter exchange where @KiDCuDi repeatedly replies "NO" to a fan's question about solo music
Tweet by The Chosen One stating they have better songs. Another user quotes this tweet expressing disbelief

Cudi said he's planning to follow up his ninth studio album, Insano, with a project entitled Insano (Nitro Mega). He's insisted it's not a deluxe edition of the record, but he also revealed that he doesn't plan to put any sad songs on the project. "I don't do sad songs anymore," he told one fan. "Sorry. 'Tortured' was the last sad song I wrote 2 years ago. We on some new shit now. We in the light. If ur not ready, I have about 9 older albums w that vibe u can still listen to."

Twitter exchange between Kid Cudi, stating no more sad songs, and a fan inquiring about sad songs on an album

Insano (Nitro Mega) is scheduled to be released on Feb. 23.

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