Jermaine Dupri Recalls DMX Robbing a Reporter With His Dog

Dupri says he invited a reporter from 'The Source' to be a fly on the wall in a studio session with DMX.

Paras Griffin via Getty Images

In a video posted to Instagram, Jermaine Dupri recalled how DMX robbed a reporter for The Source with his dog.

“One night when I was working on my album, Life in 1472, I was heading to the studio for the DMX session,” he explained, as seen below. "I was going to the studio in New York to hear DMX do his verse. We tried to make it a marketing thing by having an interviewer from, I think, The Source magazine come and be a fly on the wall at the session so that you could talk about me recording and how the process was and all of this."

DMX showed up on the finished version of Life in 1472 on the track "Get Your Sh** Right," which also features Madd Rapper. At the time they were recording the album, The Source was the publication for all things hip-hop.

"So it goes like this... the session was whatever time it was. So the writer gets to the studio before DMX, and DMX shows up," he continued. "At this time, DMX is walking around with his dogs and he got both dogs. But by the time I got to the studio, the reporter had gotten robbed," he continued. "DMX basically robbed the reporter with his dog. No guns, just the dog. DMX came in and started questioning the reporter and told the reporter to run his shit, take off whatever he had on."

Dupri suggested that he's "got a lot of crazy stories" from his time in the music industry, but this is one of the few he feels comfortable telling. "A lot of shit I can't tell," he explained, "But this one I feel like I have to tell. R.I.P. my man, DMX."

In a comment on the post, Fabolous added, "Honestly if you’ve ever really been around DMX, you have a wild DMX story. Long Live the Legend DMX.”

In an interview with Nick Cannon on Power 106 Los Angeles in 2019, Jadakiss said that DMX was robbing people with his dogs before he released his breakthrough debut album, It's Dark and Hell Is Hot.

"To come from my hood, walking around with a pitbull, robbing people with his dog, to doing movies with Jet Li. That is something. X was crazy. He’s a dog lover, he loved his dog. He loved all of them," he said at the 19-minute mark. "But he had a dog, Boomer. it was dangerous. You ever see him with Boomer, you know he’s robbing everything with his dog. Not armed robbery, dog robbery."

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