Fat Joe, Big Sean, Cool & Dre Show Love for Their Mothers on "Momma"

With Mother's Day just around the corner, Fat Joe and company want to make their love known.

Mother's Day is just over the horizon, and to celebrate, Fat Joe has recruited Dre and Big Sean for his new song "Momma." Earlier this year, Fat Joe announced that he has a new album titled Family Ties on the way, and while it's not entirely clear if "Momma" will make it or not, it certainly fits within the family theme. (He dropped "Pick It Up" earlier this year.)

Over colorful production from Cool & Dre, Sean and Joe get pretty introspective, dissecting their upbringings and getting down to why they love and respect their mothers so much. Dre handles the hook on the song, rapping, "My momma, she the shit/Reason why I'm so legit."

It's not the first time any of these three have showed love to their mothers on a song, but it's definitely the most upfront they've ever been about it. Sean references how he's brought his mom to events as his +1, rapping, "Look, you my red carpet date/They ain't seen it like this since Donda and 'Ye." Sean also takes a moment to address the ongoing water crisis in Flint, a subject very closeto his heart.

Listen to "Momma" below:

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