Cam'ron's Iconic Pink Range Rover Is Being Sold for $16,000 on Facebook Marketplace

The Dipset rapper purchased the car in 2003 only to sell it a year later.

Johnny Nunez via Getty Images

Cam'ron's custom all-pink Range Rover HSE is up for sale on Facebook Marketplace.

As pointed out by Andrew Barber of Fake Shore Drive in a tweet, the 2003 Range Rover, which features a bright pink exterior and customized interior, is being sold by a seller in Georgia on the Facebook Marketplace. The second-hand vehicle has a listed price of $16,000 and has reportedly driven over 100,000 miles.

You can now buy Cam’ron’s old pink 2003 Range Rover for $16k

— Andrew Barber (@fakeshoredrive) December 20, 2023
Twitter: @fakeshoredrive

"This car has celebrity history. It was built done in pink in 2003 when it was brand new," reads the description for the listing, which is being handled by certified Range Rover technician Calvin Finney at Finney's CARS in Alpharetta, Georgia. "It has just been serviced: oil, filters, new brakes, new plugs, ac, coolant, transmission. The car runs and drives great."

While the listing doesn't specify which celebrity owned the all-pink Range Rover, it boasts the same details as Cam's iconic ride.

Cam hasn't owned the vehicle for almost two decades, however. He sold the car all the way back in 2004, around a year after he made the purchase. He listed it on eBay with a starting price of $180,000, a considerably higher price than what it's going for these days.

The Range Rover was featured in the video for his songs "Get Em Girls" and "Killa Cam," but he indicated he was sick of it in an interview with MTV News at the time.

"When I drive it, it's a headache," he said. "My driver be signing autographs if he's in there by himself. No matter who's driving, if they are in that car, you're a star. If your grandmother got in that driver's seat, she's gonna be signing autographs. It just attracts attention. That's why I put it in the video."

Despite his decision to sell off the Range Rover, he added that he was planning to paint a Rolls-Royce Phantom pink. It's unclear if he kept that one.

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