Cam'ron and Mase Joke About Rumors They Bought Dame Dash’s Roc-A-Fella Shares

The rumors come after a judge ordered Dame to sell his remaining shares in the label he co-founded.

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Cam'ron and Mase kicked off the latest episode of It Is What It Is by addressing circulating rumors that they purchased Roc-A-Fella Records shares from Dame Dash.

In the episode included above, mediator Treasure "Stat" Wilson starts off by posing the question about the purchase as the rappers break into laughter.

"Let's just say, Killer, I did... for $20. Times... Who knows how much? Let's just say, hypothetically, right?" Mase jokes while pulling out some cash from his pocket.

Cam interjects, "But hypothetically, did it happen?"

Mase replied, "I have a secret I might want to tell you I've been working on, but let's just say if I did know something."

The two can hardly contain their laughter as they joke that it could have "hypothetically" happened already.

"Would that be grand master chess move?" Mase asked Cam, to which Cam replied, "I'm just doing business, bro, I'm not here trying to games of chess against anybody, I'm here solely for business."

The rumors follow news that a judge ordered Dame Dash to sell his remaining shares in the record label he co-founded 30 years ago. The sale is intended to pay off his $823,000 debt from losing a lawsuit in 2022.

A report last week stated that the shares would be sold at a public auction by U.S. Marshals, so it's unlikely that Mase and Cam have already gotten their hands on it.

Still the two continued joking and fanning the flames, tossing around the words "hypothetically" and "allegedly." "I mean, of course, we doing business together, whatever business that is," Mase added. "I feel like rubbing the Birdman hands. I love it when a plan come together."

After managing to calm down a little bit, Mase asked who Cam would consider selling Roc-A-Fella to if he did, in fact, own the record label founded by Dash and Jay-Z. "Right now, I just probably will hold on to it for a little while," Cam said.

"Like the Wu-Tang album," Mase laughed.

"So, we bought Reasonable Doubt, you'll hold it for a little while?" Mase asked, referring to Jay-Z's debut album, which was released under Roc-A-Fella. The pair previously had beef with Hov, but Cam settled differences with him after years of tension.

"Yeah, I mean what would you like to do?" Cam responded. "It's a classic, man. And [for] it to be like, ours, hypothetically... I don't know at this point, the phone's open."

Mase, who has not publicly settled his differences with Jay, said, "I was thinking, if I had it you know... Who would I sell it to? I'll probably sell it to Drake. Drake probably will want to buy it from me, hypothetically."

Cam said that he's personally done transactions with Drake, but he doesn't want to disclose what, exactly. "Hypothetically, I'd go to the brunch the next time and I'd do some good for hip-hop," Mase said. "I'd sell it back to the original owners. ... Be a hero instead of a villain with it. Be the bigger person, I'd sell it back."

Watch the full video above where they "hypothetically" address the rumors.

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