Cam'ron Explains Hilarious ‘First Date Cuckold’ and How He Narrowly Avoided Getting Into a Situation

Mase, predictably, found the whole story laughable.

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Cam'ron has shared a hilarious story on how he narrowly avoided becoming a "cuckold."

On the Wednesday, Feb. 21 episode of It Is What It Is, Cam was encouraged to share a story by his co-host Mase after a little teasing at the start of the episode. "All right, look, you want to do it on camera fine with me," Cam laughed before going into a story about a woman he was seeing. "What Mase really is trying to get to, is that I had a female I was dealing with and she got into a relationship. ... She had good head, so I was like, 'Yo, could you suck my dick one more time.' And she was like, 'If my boyfriend could come watch.'"

Cam, it seems, wasn't that enthused by the idea of becoming a cuckold. "I'm like, 'LOL,' and she's like, 'You didn't say no and I'm not joking.' I'm like, 'No, he can't come watch,'" he continued. "Like, he going to start jerking off, pause... No! No! He can't come watch. Secondly, you just got into a relationship and that n***a's a cuckold off the top? First date cuckold?"

He went on to explain what a cuckold is for anyone anywhere, as Mase laughed in the background. "This is somebody who likes to watch their partners have sex with other people and just sit there and watch," he said, after asking It Is What It Is mediator Treasure 'Stat' Wilson if she was aware of what it was (she was not). "I just never really got it. You know, I watch porn to keep me out of trouble, so I don't go with the wrong female that night and protect my energy. ... White people get Black n***as for their white wives. Go to PornHub and type 'cuckold,' you see white n***as getting Black men for their white wives for Christmas, Valentine's Day, anniversary. It's like the movie The Toy, almost."

Wilson then proceeded to read out some of the texts between Cam and this woman after he passed her his phone. The response he gave, to the offer of cucking this woman's new boyfriend, was especially hilarious. "You said, 'Nah, I'm good, but I appreciate it. If you ever get a girlfriend and she want to watch let me know,'" she shared. "She said, 'Word.'" Cam added, "I can't make this shit up, Murder."

Earlier this week, Cam explained why he would never get romantically involved with Erykah Badu. "You know, she's a homie too, but I told n***as she can't get nowhere near me with that pussy. Nowhere. That shit she be doing to n***as is crazy," he said. "N***as be regular until they fuck her. Then you start wearing turbans, yarmulkes, the tie-dye shirts. No, no, no."

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