Ariana Grande Got Emotional While Speaking on Getting Botox and Lip Filler, Says She Felt Like She Was ‘Hiding’

The singer suggested that her relationship with beauty has changed over the years.

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In a new Beauty Secrets video for Vogue, Ariana Grande emotionally revealed that she used to get "a ton" of lip filler and Botox and got candid about how her relationship with makeup has changed over the years.

"I feel like my relationship to beauty has changed so much over the years," she admitted at the 7:15 point of the video, as seen above. "Especially because I started so young. You know, being exposed to so many voices at a young age and especially when people have, like, things to say about your appearance and stuff at a young age, it's like really hard to know what's worth hearing and not. But you know, when you're 17 you don't really know. You don't know that yet."

The 30-year-old singer-songwriter, who has previously never spoken about getting cosmetic procedures done, suggested that she used makeup "as a disguise or as something to hide behind" in the past.

"Full transparency as a beauty person, as I do my lips, I've had a ton of lip filler over the years," she shared. "And Botox. I stopped in 2018, 'cause I just felt so... too much. I just felt like hiding, you know?"

As she got a little teary, she admitted she "didn't expect to get emotional" in the video. "For a long time, beauty was about hiding for me," she continued. "And now I feel like maybe it's not since I stopped getting fillers and Botox, and maybe I'll start again one day, I don't know. To each their own. Whatever makes you feel beautiful, I do support. But I know for me, I was just like, 'Oh, I wanna see my well-earned cry lines and smile lines.' I hope my smile lines get deeper and deeper and I laugh more and more."

In the video, she also said she considers aging "such a beautiful thing," but admitted she "might" get a facelift in about a decade. "If we're here talking about beauty secrets, fuck it, let's lay it all out there," she said.

This isn't the first time that Grande has spoken about beauty standards this year. In a TikTok video shared in April, she directly addressed comments from her fans after they shared concerns about her weight. "I think we should be gentler and less comfortable commenting on people’s bodies, no matter what,” she said. “If you think you’re saying something good or well-intentioned, whatever it is…we should really work towards not doing that as much.”

Watch Ariana Grande talk about her skincare routine and her relationship to beauty and makeup above.

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