Skratch Bastid Pays Homage To David Bowie With “Let’s Dance” Scratch Routine

Put on your red shoes.


The world lost a real one today. As we grieve for the passing of visionary creative David Bowie, many artists influenced by the legend are taking to social media to share their thoughts, and help contextualize the loss.

Skratch Bastid, a Canadian legend in his own right, learned of Bowie’s death while in the midst of a late night/early morning studio session, and decided to filter his feelings through his turntables. “I think the most appropriate way for a DJ to celebrate my favourite artists is by sharing their music,” Bastid offered on Facebook. “So how about a little routine?”

The renowned DJ gets two copies of 1983’s Nile Rodgers-produced smash “Let’s Dance” spinning on the decks, showcasing some vinyl acrobatics that would make the Starman proud.

Watch the tribute above, and read Skratch Bastid’s full statement below. RIP.

RIP David Bowie

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