The Best Canadian EPs Of 2015

Less is more

Naadei, Kris, Tory Lanez, Daniel Caesar, Jimmy Prime, and a l l i e.

Can we just admit it? As a format, the full-length album is losing relevance with each passing month. Some of the best collections of music to come out this year are concise projects under 20 minutes long that cater to our increasingly short attention spans. If we’re being really real, some of 2015’s strongest albums probably could have been pared down to even stronger EPs. Complete with middling piano ballads and pseudo-evangelical spoken word, Justin Bieber’s Purpose wasn’t the best project of the year. Package the Skrillex-produced songs from the full-length as a six song EP—critical darling, commercial juggernaut, and an instant classic, bruh.

A multitude of Canadian artists proved that less is more this year. We rounded up 25 of our favourite EPs of 2015, including mini masterpieces by Daniel Caesar, River Tiber, Tory Lanez, WILDE, and many more. Check out the full list below, and let us know who we missed in the comments.

Even though full-length albums are too long 99% of the time, click here for our favourite Canadian albums of 2015.

Brendan Philip, ‘Brendan Philip’

Da-P, ‘Sapphire’

Jarell Perry & Deebs, ‘Shift’

WILDE, ‘Flashlight’

Clairmont The Second, ‘A Mixtape By Clairmont The Second’

The Posterz, ‘The Junga’

Naadei, ‘I'm Fine’

Drew Howard, ‘’

Kris, ‘Don’t Feed The Animals’

High Klassified, ‘Kronostasis’

Grandtheft, ‘Quit This City’

Roy Wood$, ‘Exis’

Jimmy Prime, ‘Block Boy’

Allie X, 'Collxtion I'

HRMXNY, ‘Strange As It Seems’

James Deen, ‘I Appreciate U’

Harrison, ‘Colors’

River Tiber, ‘When The Time Is Right’

a l l i e, ‘Moonlust’

Safe, ‘Stay Down’

Tory Lanez x WEDIDIT, ‘Cruel Intentions’

Milk & Bone, ‘Little Mourning’

Camille Poliquin and Laurence Lafond-Beaulne make hauntingly beautiful electronic music via Milk & Bone, effortlessly weaving their voices together in ornate harmony, like the sonic equivalent of a French braid. Little Mourning is just a taste of what this Montreal-based duo are capable of—you need to see them live to get the hypnotic and joyous full experience.

Drew Howard & Birthday Boy, ‘Music To Soothe The Savage Youth’

Keita Juma, ‘Nights In Space A Short Film’

Daniel Caesar, ‘Pilgrim’s Paradise’

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