Premiere: GrandeMarshall's 'My Brother's Keeper' Album Is Finally Here

Plus he explains the art of being petty.

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Philly's GrandeMarshall is back with his latest offering My Brother's Keeper. The Fool's Gold artist took a couple years off to get his mind right after dropping the impressive 800 in 2012 and Mugga Man in 2013. Both projects established the sound he's become known for: smooth, boastful raps over buttery beats. He plans on showing some growth with his latest album, of course. With an impeccable ear for production, Grande is more introspective this time around as he tries to deal with chasing success at such a young age.

"Real Spill" shows him speaking on the team around him and staying true. On "ITSPULLUP" he offers his mission statement: "I don't know what you on, but we petty over here," on one of the best lyrical performances of his young career. Grande speaks a lot about his family on this record, hence the album's title, and the production varies in degrees of dopeness and tempo. He, Ben Pramuk, Noah Breakfast, and Sam Greens really did a number on the boards.

Along with premiering the album stream, we also talked to Grande about Philly cheesesteaks, the art of being petty, and the album's introspective tone. Check out the stream and the interview below:

This album has a more introspective tone compared to your previous projects. Can you explain why that is?
I guess because the time I took off I took it to really polish my style, my form. I listened to a lot of shit I remembered listening to growing up, or just different music at varying points in my life that effected my style now. A lot of Jeezy, Black Rob, Mase, Pimp C, Philly's Most Wanted. I wanted to make projects like they did that were timeless and that years from now someone can revisit and take from MBK the same I did from The Inspiration, Life Story, Hell Hath No Fury, Ridin Dirty, etc.

What are the wisest words an OG ever said to you?
"If you quit now, you'll never stop."

Define the art of being petty.
PB (Petty Boyz), that's the homies. You'll see me with in town or outta town filling up the guest list at the venue. I guess just since way back we used to always be on some shit at the shows. We got plenty of stories with plenty of people but with time I had to (and furthermore the homies) tighten up and move differently. Like I said, ion't know what everybody else be on but we petty over here.

Which beats did you produce yourself on My Brother's Keeper?
"Real Spill," and I put my hands on a couple others. I'm more proud of my lyricism on that jawn. Leave it up to Beezy, Noah, and Sam to put the sound together.

On Twitter, you mentioned that you had to take some time off to regroup. Can you expound on that a little bit?
If I went that deep you'd have to hear me say it just to know what places I had been to and came out of. I may talk "about" it on Twitter but never in detail out of respect for folk. I want to ensure my words aren't being twisted. Not conflict related but that's just how I am. I'm very careful, though, it may seem like a nigga talk reckless.

Dutch or Sweet?
Keep it a buck the homie just convinced me to convert to Backwoods so that's really what I been twisting the last couple months. I sneak a Dutch in every now and then but yeah I ain't smoked a swisher in years, we off that. Way better options for a dollar.

Where's the best cheesesteak spot in Philly?
Just don't go to Ishkabibble's, Pat's, or Geno's that's lame. I rock with Larry's on Levick, Max's down Erie and this Jamaican spot I just started going to called Reggae Reggae. They got the jerk chicken cheesesteak, they serve that jawn with pineapples. That shit is stoopid.

Who do you believe in more, Sam Hinkie or Chip Kelly?
Chip on his way out and Sam Hinkie is too deep in. He might as well just run the team into the ground til they sell it or something. Honestly, I believe it's no fixing it but I won't tip on 'em. Chip, I really wish it didn't have to be this way but he's forcing my hand, I can't rock anymore.

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