Watch Offset Answer a DJ Who Asked If He'd Make a 21 Savage Collab Album

Without warning, Offset had to kindly inform a radio host he and 21 already did it in 2017.

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You have to feel for radio show hosts. They have to get up earlier than most folks go to bed and fill hours upon hours of drive time every weekday. Given that you have to be on-mic for just a ridiculous amount of time, it's honestly surprising they don't faceplant more often. (Maybe that's what separates them from the great commuting unwashed). Power 106's The Cruz Show goofed in their March 11 episode—now available online, above—by asking Offset if he was open to making a collaborative album with his fellow Atlantan (by way of London) 21 Savage

Plenty of fans and casual listeners alike know Offset released an album with 21 Savage less than two years ago. Halloween 2017's Metro Boomin, Offset, and 21 collab Without Warning wasn't just some passing gimmick, it was good enough to land on our best albums of the year list and contained the hits "Ric Flair Drip" and "Ghostface Killers."

For his part, Offset took the mistake in stride. In the exchange beginning at the 11:45 mark above, he ribbed the hosts a bit but didn't seem too upset that his interviewer managed to forget a whole album. "You know we already got one, Without Warning—me, him and Metro. If you ain't up on game, my man. Obviously, my man ain't up on game," he said, before pointing toward the huge single. "You know that's where 'Ric Flair Drip' came from. Yeah, we did that already. Platinum, too. The whole album. Every song on the album, platinum. 'Ric Flair Drip' like four times platinum."


The Father of 4 rapper also talked about what it's like raising kids, including Kulture with Cardi B. He said parenting is a "team effort" and he regularly brings his kids out to his shows (with ear-protecting headphones) to let them see how he works. 

Take a look at the whole interview up top; there's another super awkward moment starting at the 1:55 mark.

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