Mixtapes: ZMoney "Heroin Musik" and "Rich B4 Rap"

He's irregular.

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This year's rap conversation has revolved increasingly around innovations in delivery. Prime examples are the lyric-darts that Future throws on "Karate Chop" (arguably reminiscent of the way Lil Reese had been rapping before this year) and the slurred bars that Chief Keef spilled all over "Macaroni Time." Atlanta group Migos has also been tasting success somewhat recently with their own (certainly inspired by Future, but different enough to not be called biting) gallop-like flow, which gained enough traction to receive the Drake co-sign and "Versace" remix. 

ZMoney fits nicely into this world of rap approaching incoherence, but it would be difficult to liken him directly to any of the previously mentioned rappers without losing a little of what makes his music unique. Though his buzz right now is primarily local to Chicago, considering the aforementioned focus on strange delivery this year, it would come as no surprise if ZMoney's appeal blew up. Maybe he could even be the next lucky winner of the coveted Drake remix golden ticket. Check out the above video (and disregard the band-aid, he's no 2002 Nelly reincarnation) if you're unfamiliar, then download his two new mixtapes below.

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