50 Cent Allegedly Disowns Son Via Text Message

A few days after being accused of kicking his baby's mother.

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According to Radar Online, an ugly exchange of text messages between 50 Cent and his 16 year-old son Marquise has surfaced. Upon reading the messages, the situation appears to revolve around 50's attempt to visit Marquise. 50 seems to believe that upon his arrival, his son had shut off the lights and pretended to be unaware of his father's appearance at the front of the house. 

A back-and-forth unfolds which at first surrounds the logistics of whether or not Marquise could have turned off the lights in anticipation of his father's arrival, but then it begins to shift toward the relationship between the two of them, as well as Marquise's mother Shaniqua Tompkins. It is perhaps important to note that these text messages were revealed just a few days after 50 had been charged with allegations of domestic violence.

Read an excerpt of the conversation below:

Jackson: Hey I’m outside the house at the front door.

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