Maxo Kream Pays Tribute to His Father Who Passed Away: 'My Idol’

The 33-year-old rapper honored his late father with a post on Instagram.

Music artist on stage wearing a jacket with white text and multiple necklaces
Astrida Valigorsky / Getty Images
Music artist on stage wearing a jacket with white text and multiple necklaces

Maxo Kream revealed that his father, Emekwanem Biosah Sr., sadly passed away.

Kream, 33, made the announcement on Sunday via his Instagram account with a series of videos and photos of himself with his late father and wrote, “My Idol the Legend the Man that made me who I am today frfr I’m thankful for all the Game yu gave me and showed me.”

He continued, “Yu was a real Money gettin N***a that Ran it up never asked for a hand out and no matter what always put yur family first and I Love yu for that. Yu been fighting wit health problems for years and neva showed signs of giving up all the way to the end.. But this shit ain’t gone never end jus a new beginning Big Papa Maxo Tell Mmdau I love Him and yal keep watching over us … Till we meet again RIP Emekwanem Biosah Sr #TillWeMeetAgain 🕊️🇳🇬🕊️”

In a 2019 interview with Billboard, Kream and his father shared insights about their relationship throughout the years and how it inspired his album, Brandon Banks

Their relationship faced some challenges, particularly when Maxo decided to pursue a rap career, and was initially met with skepticism from his father, who originally wanted him to pursue a professional career such as a computer scientist, doctor, or lawyer.

“Everybody get to see my vision. When somebody ain’t see my vision, it make me go harder. Talked to my dad, we would get into it,” Kream told Billboard. “But later he would call me…he just want me to do right, do good. He wanted me to have a real future. It ain’t no, ‘What’s going to be my Plan B if rap ain’t working?’ I’m like, ‘This my Plan A, B, C, D, Z.’ You feel me? I’ll make it work.”

“But the next thing, he signed with the label and he was getting ready to release [an album]. So I said, “You know what? I think I need to support him now. 100 percent.” He has paid his dues,” Biosah Sr. told the publication.

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