Cardi Says She Plans to ‘Get Rid of Dead Weight’ Amid Offset Relationship Speculation

"Big shoes are going to have to be filled, and some people gonna have to get the fuck out," said the rapper on her Instagram Live.

Dia Dipasupil / FilmMagic

Cardi B has some changes in mind for the upcoming year.

The rapper, who recently unfollowed her husband Offset on social media, took to Instagram Live to talk about her new year’s resolutions which include dropping “dead weight.”

“The reason why I’ve been doing a lot of thinking is because I’ve been writing down my New Year’s resolutions … I feel like we keep saying every year ‘New year, new me, new this, new that.’ Bitch, I’m taking that shit to the fucking heart,” she said, adding that she’s bought a journal to write down things she needs to do for herself.

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“I know where I wanna be in life career-wise, financially, and personal life. I know where I wanna be next year,” she added. “So you gotta get rid of dead weight. When it comes to dead weight, I’ll say: mentality, procrastination, laziness, and people. Because a lot of people are dead weight too.”

Cardi continued, “I feel like as a Libra, when it comes to people, we always want to protect their feelings, we always want to protect their image … we just want to protect people like how would they feel or how would life without me will be for them. Fuck that. Next year is gonna be all about me, all about what I need to do, or what do I need to do to get to where I want to be as a boss … Big shoes are going to have to be filled, and some people gonna have to get the fuck out.”

She also closed off the livestream with some simple advice, saying, “As hard as it is, stop protecting other people’s feelings because years from now you’ll be like, ‘Damn, why was I doing that?’ Because you put other people first, you put other people before you.”

Although Cardi did not provide specifics on who she considered dead weight, she and Offset shared cryptic messages alluding to another rift in their relationship.

“You know when you just out grow relationships,” wrote Cardi on her Instagram Stories. “I’m tired of protecting peoples feelings…I gotta put myself first," she added.

At around the same time on Monday, Set also posted to his Story with Al Pacino as Tony Montana yelling, “Hey, fuck you, man. Who put this thing together? Me. Who do I trust? Me.”

It’s unclear if part of Cardi’s resolutions include releasing more music, including the highly-anticipated follow up to her 2018 debut album, Invasion of Privacy. Her last single “Bongos,” featuring Megan Thee Stallion was released at the top of September. 

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