Rexdale's Moula 1st Drops New Video "30-0" and Announces Double Album

The Rexdale rapper returns with the video for "30-0," which sees him rap as his present and future, old self. He's gearing up to release a double album too.

Rexdale rapper Moula 1st drops "30-0"

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Rexdale rapper Moula 1st drops "30-0"

Moula 1st has quietly been establishing himself as one of Toronto’s hardest working rappers. And he’s just provided us with more evidence to support that claim. The Rexdale emcee has returned with a new single and music video, “30-0.” It’s his 31st video in one year and 11 months.

Over a trunk-thumping beat built around a flute sample, Moula licks shots at the competition, boasting about his lyrical prowess and umatchable talent. The video sees him spit bars while looking in the mirror, flitting back and forth between his present and future, elderly self.

“The concept of the video is to show that Moula 1st doesn’t stop and he’s going to be doing this until his hair is grey. He started the streak with war January 4th, 2020—all the way to date and doesn’t plan on stopping,” Moula tells us, speaking in the third person.

On the track, he raps: “What can I say, I’m just stuck in my ways/Think I’ll be like this until my hair’s grey/Even still then I’ll be saying my phrase: ‘You think you can face me?’”

Said phrase was the subject of much speculation in May when Drake hopped on Nicki Minaj’s “Seeing Green,” spitting the line: “You niggas think you doin’ damage, you just hypin’ me up/Face who? I could see a wall of y’all, all of y’all and run straight through.” Toronto rap fans were quick to postulate that Drizzy was taking a shot at Moula, referencing the rapper’s catchphrase. Moula even recorded his own rebuttal, “Seeing Red.”

Interestingly, both Drake and 40 are among the six followers Moula currently has on his recently resurrected Instagram account. What could it all possibly mean?! Maybe something. Maybe nothing at all. Only time will tell.

Moula 1st Michael album cover

In the meantime, Moula 1st is gearing up to drop a double album, Michael, on Dec. 17.

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