You Can Listen to Jacquees’ "Trip" Remix Again … on Pornhub

The remix of Ella Mai's song was scrubbed from the internet last week, after Mustard sent the Georgia crooner a cease and desist.

Jacquees Ella Mai pornhub

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Jacquees Ella Mai pornhub

Last week, Jacquees’ remix of Ella Mai's "Trip" was scrubbed from the internet. Fans, desperate to hear the Georgia crooner’s cover, are now coming up with creative ways to upload and stream the track. As a result, the “Trip” remix is now available on the one and only trusted streaming site...Pornhub.

After the song was removed from various streaming sites last week, some wondered why T-Pain’s cover of “Boo’d Up” didn’t receive the same treatment. T-Pain suggested it was because Jacquees aimed to monetize his remix, though the singer denied that claim.

Nigga no I didn’t lol hell you talm bout my brother I put it on SoundCloud and YouTube you know my game ain’t cap I love Ella

— King Of R&B (@Jacquees) September 26, 2018

Either way, Jacquees was hit with a cease and desist from Mustard, who signed Ella Mai to his label, over the Quemix. Mustard explained that Mai had no involvement in the removal. “Our artists don’t send cease and desists, we do,” he wrote in a statement shared on Twitter. “When you monetize content you don’t own you are stealing and no one steals from 10 Summers.”

To whom it may concern .

— Mustard (@mustard) September 26, 2018

An account named Jman89 has now restored what was lost, which can now be found at this link. Obviously it’s NSFW, so listen to “Trip” when you get home.  

Jacquees said there's no hard feelings between him and Ella Mai, and has already released his latest #Quemix, this time flipping Drake’s Scorpion cut "Jaded."

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