Towkio Drops Stellar Music Video for "Morning View" Featuring SZA

The Chicago rapper returns with more intergalactic visuals for his new project 'WWW.'

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Towkio returns with more intergalactic visuals from his debut album WWW., which dropped back in February. In his video for “Morning View,” a track that features R&B singer SZA, Towkio sits crestfallen on the moon, gazing down at Earth where he seems to have left behind his previous love interest along with the rest of humanity. This isolating visual becomes even more melancholic when SZA’s beautiful vocals come in, as Towkio watches a video message from a special someone that is almost a year old. By the end, the viewer can empathize with the deep seclusion Towkio’s helmeted character endures while floating thousands of miles away from any other living being.

Towkio is the latest member of Chicago’s SaveMoney crew to drop a project. WWW. was released on Rick Rubin's American Recordings label in partnership with Republic. The 13-track project was recorded at Rubin’s Shangri-La studio in Malibu.

He previously dropped the video for “Symphony" featuring Teddy Jackson. Watch that below.

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The visuals for “Morning View” match the theme of Towkio's album release where he premiered the project from 100,000 feet above ground.

“The project is a concept, it’s the Overview Effect. It’s the looking back at the earth. It happens to astronauts when they leave the earth and they break the plane, it’s an out-of-body experience,” he explained at the time. “They look back and see how precious it is because your life on Earth only exists on Earth. So all of the bullshit you deal with on a day-to-day basis, it instantly goes out the window when you leave the plane and you’re looking at the earth.”

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