Drake Took Over a Miami High School for His "God's Plan" Music Video

These lucky high schoolers are going to be in Drake's latest visual.

drake gods plan

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drake gods plan

What would you do if Drake showed up to your high school to film a music video? Probably something along the lines of what the students and teachers of Senior High School in Miami did: freak the eff out. The consensus biggest rapper alive was on hand to film a music video for his record-breaking single “God’s Plan.” We're not sure why Drake chose the Miami high school as the backdrop for the hit song’s new music video. But at this point in his career, it's best not question Drizzy's decision-making process.

A video posted on Twitter earlier today shows Drake on a balcony overlooking a large crowd of fans singing the hit single. Drake is sporting a Martin Luther King Jr. t-shirt as he dances and postures alongside his large crew.

Drake today at Miami Senior High School in Miami shooting a video for “God’s Plan”. pic.twitter.com/S0tyP7xCmk

— Word On Road (@WordOnRd) February 5, 2018

In another video posted to YouTube, the Toronto native stands in a lift above a huge crowd rapping to the song. Meanwhile, a drone equipped with a camera circles the lift, capturing Drake and the crowd behind him.

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One teacher from the high school also posted a series of photos and detailed her experience as Drake filmed on her campus. “THE Drake, came to my job today and filmed his music video,” she wrote on Instagram. “So happy to have been so close to him. It’s a once in a lifetime chance to be so close to one of your top favorite rappers.”

We still don't know if Drake plans on using multiple locations for the video, or if it'll evolve into more than a party video. But if his MLK shirt is any indication, we can expect the "God's Plan" video to drop in February, which just so happens to be Black History Month. And based on the clip below, a music video isn't the only thing he has coming down the pike.

Did I hear the word “album”?! 👀 #GodsPlan pic.twitter.com/ZXAhuMPJA2

— Word On Road (@WordOnRd) February 5, 2018

Yes, you heard the word "album." 

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