Doja Cat Criticized Over Attempt to Explain Her Past Use of a Homophobic Slur

A lot of fans are no longer interested in Doja Cat and her what-could-of-been hottest summer bop of 2018, after she decided to repeatedly use a homophobic slur in a since-deleted tweet.

Doja Cat memes

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Doja Cat memes

It’s the classic story of Icarus. In this case, Doja Cat is Icarus, and the sun is repeating a homophobic slur too many times in a tweet. OK, so nothing like Icarus, but still, it's a pretty self-inflicted tragedy.

A lot of fans are no longer interested in Doja Cat and her what-could-of-been hottest summer bop of 2018. To put it in layman’s terms, it seems Miss Moo has been canceled.

Now, whether or not you believe in cancel culture is always up for discussion, but there’s no denying the singer may want to revisit her recent tweets, which have all been deleted, and do some soul searching to figure out where exactly she stumbled. It might have been, as I said before, repeating a homophobic slur in a tweet an ungodly, almost comical amount of times. In case you missed it:

The tweet is confusing, because it appears to be an apology/explanation for the fact that someone dug up some of her other problematic tweets from back in the day. She later tried to soften the blow by offering another apology statement, where she misspelled “roll model,” and she’s also deleted that. According to the memes and Will & Grace star Debra Messing, it’s too late for redemption. 

There are definitely people still here for Doja Cat, though. Citing SZA and Travis Scott’s alleged homophobia as a reason to support the singer, who became a viral meme thanks to her lo-fi, pixilated music video where she’s dressed as a cow.

While yes, people make mistakes and grow from them, homophobia has violent and physical consequences too rampant for instances like this to be brushed over. On Tuesday, dozens of celebs mourned the death of a nine-year-old who killed himself after being bullied for his sexuality.

Following the backlash, Doja Cat shared a statement on Twitter apologizing for her words. "I truly apologize to anyone that I've offended or deeply hurt with my words," she wrote. Read her full statement below.

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