Premiere: Lila Iké Hopes for a Fresh Start on "Second Chance"

The Jamaican singer offers up a song to do the talking for you.

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Love songs about heartbreak or forgiveness are concepts that will never go out of style. Humbling yourself enough to ask for a second chance isn't easy, but thankfully Lila Iké has a new single that can do the talking for you if you're in need of some assistance. The singer—hailing from Manchester, Jamaica—delivers a new video for her single titled "Second Chance," that is a sweet reminder that there's nothing wrong with admitting faults and asking for a fresh start.

On "Second Chance," which is released via Protoje's label In.Digg.Nation Collective and Delicious Vinyl Island, Iké's sweet voice tells the story of doing everything she can to make sure she doesn't lose the love of her life. Longtime reggae fans may instantly recognize the sample taken from either Dennis Brown's "Promised Land" or Nas and Damian Marley's 2010 single "Land of Promise"—perhaps, depending on your age range.

"'Second Chance'" is a beautiful song that came to me the first time I heard the bassline for the riddim," Lila Iké explains about her latest single. "I really just remember singing nonstop until the end of the riddim. When the song first came to me, I was very pleased and I just wanted it to be as exciting for listeners. I wanted to highlight a different side of a love situation—that is, men aren’t always the problem, and nothing is wrong with asking for a second chance. Especially now that finding a good partner is so rare...if you have one, fight for him!" 

Right on the heels of the release of her newest single, Lila Iké is currently gearing up to play her first show overseas in Sweden at the Uppsala Festival. The emerging artist is definitely on her way.

Watch the video for "Second Chance" above.

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