DJ Khaled Was Brought to Tears Following His New Single With Beyoncé and Jay Z

DJ Khaled says he mixed, mastered, and cleared “Shining” in 24 hours.

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Earlier this week, fresh off the Grammys, DJ Khaled shook up the music world by dropping a new single, “Shining,” featuring Beyoncé and Jay Z.

Though the song has been acclaimed as a hit and an early victory of hip-hop in 2017, its success is made even more impressive by this: DJ Khaled says he mixed, mastered, and cleared “Shining” in 24 hours. Don’t ever forget this man suffers from success.

In an interview with Baller Alert, Khaled explained how the song—which features a photo of his baby son, Ashad Khaled, on the cover art—came to be.

“Yes, it was less than 24 hours,” Khaled said. “I caught two colds in like a week and a half because of my nerves, and then once I got the record I got another cold, because I didn’t sleep. Safe to say I overdosed on Vitamin C.”

OVO’s ​Partynextdoor co-wrote Beyonce’s portion of the track.

Khaled showed serious love to the “King and Queen,” Jay and Bey.

“This is what they call dream team,” Khaled said. “Beyoncé don’t do no features. I haven’t heard one in a long time, so I’m very grateful. Jay Z, he don’t really do features either, you know what I’m saying. And every time we work we always win. To get the king and the queen together on one record, that was like, I cried, I ain’t gonna lie to you.”

Khaled said he cried tears of joy. He also revealed that his infant son is being given an executive producer credit on Khaled's upcoming album, and meeting every artist in the studio.

“I ain’t never stopping, and I got more,” Khaled said.

"Shining" is available through TIDAL.

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