50 Cent and girlfriend Jamira “Cuban Link” Haines have never shied away from showing the world their playful chemistry. 

50 took to Instagram on Sunday and trolled his girlfriend by sharing a picture of her, asking fans to alert him if they see her out on the town.

“I’d like to make a missing persons report. If you see her out, tell her I said get back to the house and make me something to eat,” 50 captioned a picture of Cuban Link in a swimsuit. 

“I was wondering why I was getting so many notifications,” 50’s girlfriend responded. “Here I come baby.”

It isn’t the first time the couple has trolled each other on social media.

Back in July, Cuban Link took to Instagram to call out 50 for buying her a very small purse.

“This the typa shit he get me when he mad at me,” she captioned a photo of the tiny, hot pink bag.. “Wth I’m supposed to do with this lil shit CURTIS!!!!! Stop playing w. meeee. #littleassbag!! #petty.”

Cuban Link also trolled 50 in May with the viral TikTok trend “This is Your Man,” posting an unflattering photo of the hip-hop mogul with a bald head, alongside an audio clip from the Steve Wilkos Show. “That’s mine,” the woman from the audio says, “I’mma stick beside him.”

Fif later reposted the TikTok and wrote, “I’m a throw her fucking phone out on the highway.”