42 Dugg has criticized 6ix9ine after he appeared to ambush Lil Durk’s lookalike in a video, and now the rappers are trading shots over social media.

The first clash came after Dugg posted about the drama surrounding 6ix9ine’s use of Perkioo, who has denounced the video himself, on his Instagram Stories. 6ix9ine has been trolling Durk consistently as of late, and his video with Perkioo appears to be his latest attempt to get under the Chicago rapper’s skin.

“I hate when bitch ass n***as do hoe shit to good people rat ass n***as involving white boys in street shit n***as be lames and hoes n***as could’ve pulled up on so many other n***as they a pull up on a kid with nothing to do wit nothing,” wrote 42 Dugg in response to the clip. “Y’all can never expect ah non street person to understand the streets these n***as blowing down on kids tryna ruin kids life knowing ah real n***a ah spit on you bitch n***as.”

In another post, he simply added, “I ain’t going back n forth with no RAT bitch.”

6ix9ine, never one to back away from an opportunity to troll other rappers, responded not long after. First he offered to fight Dugg during an Instagram Live session, then accused him of ducking his challenge.

“@42_dugggg Don’t wanna fight,” 6ix9ine posted on his IG Story in all-caps. “I’m in Miami right now I’ll be here for the next couple days. With your consent no one has to know it’s just men hashing things out. No charges. Drop location I’ma show up and we get off. … Don’t start making excuses now… Don’t start with the oh he’s trying to set me up oh he’s trying to trick me oh blah blah blah… With your consent and my consent it’s all good. PULL UP.”

Dugg appeared to be amused by the offer, and shared a since-deleted video in which he joked about agreeing to fight 6ix9ine for $500,000.

“Look man, I wanna fight for a half million, man, cash!” he said, as seen below. “Miami, we comin’ to Miami tomorrow. Let’s fight for a half million. I don’t wanna talk, don’t bring the federal government. … Set me up, n***a! Miami, fight me, one-on-one.”

When Akademiks posted the clip, 6ix9ine gave his thoughts in the comments. “U could see it in his face and voice he uncomfortable,” Tekashi wrote. “Should of looked [at] the video before uploading. You wanna joke I’m not joking.”

In a final post on the matter (for now), Dugg made it clear he was in fact joking.

“I’m playing man I ain’t got nothing against the FBI,” he wrote, referring to how 6ix9ine cooperated with authorities in the trial of the Nine Trey Gangsters. “Or nobody that helped them ion condone violence.”

Check out all of their comments on the matter above.