More memorabilia tied to 2Pac’s life is being auctioned off.

TMZ reports that a computer hard drive, owned by the rapper’s bodyguard and right-hand man, is being sold by at a starting price of $10k. However, insiders told the outlet that it could sell for $600,000 or more. The hard drive was the property of Frank Alexander, who is since deceased.

It’s apparently loaded with a number of never-before-seen items, like photographs, music, and legal docs. According to TMZ, the digital files include a different, unreleased version of the rapper’s song “Let’s Get It On,” as well as candid images of 2Pac and his friends hanging out or working on music and various creative endeavors.

Additionally, the hard drive contains legal paperwork like depositions and other documents. The Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation will receive 10 percent of the earnings.

A number of 2Pac’s items have been auctioned off in recent years. In January 2019, pornographic sex drawings and hand-drawn love letters that he crafted to his girlfriend while in prison were sold for $21,156 at auction. Just months before, two letters he wrote to his high school love interest were on the auction block. And in 2020, two bandanas—one red and one blue—that were previously owned and worn by the rapper were up for grabs, as well as multiple handwritten lyric sheets, letters, and original liner notes from his album Makaveli.