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The path 24kGoldn has taken to enter the rap game has been lined by chart-topping hits. With his debut album El Dorado, the young phenom looks to continue his success and reach new heights.

Enlisting the talents of rap heavyweights like Future, DaBaby, and Swae Lee, El Dorado proves that 24kGoldn isn’t afraid to spare with the best of them. Coming off the success of his 3x Platinum-certified hit single “Mood” featuring Iann Dior, 24kGoldn is here to prove that he’s not a one-hit-wonder. His performances on songs like “Coco” featuring DaBaby are a testament to that, with both rap stars stringing together what sounds like another summer hit.

Playing on his stage name, the 20-year-old rapper explained the significance of the album’s title, El Dorado, to The Plug Radio on Apple Music.

“So in Spanish El Dorado means the Golden One, and that was a nickname that I had as a kid growing up from my mom and her coworkers and colleagues and stuff, because they all speak Spanish and she speaks fluent Spanish,” he explained. “So they always called me El Dorado El Dorado. So that always stuck with me. And plus I’m from San Francisco. So, that’s the city of gold right there itself. So it was like, let me combine these two things from my life with this more mythical interpretation of El Dorado, too, where it’s the lost treasure and the lost city of gold, kind of like that Disney movie from 2004, The Road to El Dorado.” 

When talking about what it was like working with Future, 24kGoldn talked about how he has been listening to him since he was a kid, so the experience was surreal.

“I’ve been listening in Future since I was 11, bro,” he explained. “That man is just like, he’s had a decade-long career basically, over a decade-long career. So as a rapper, especially where it’s so fast food and a lot of short-lived careers like that’s just legendary and iconic to me, so to have him on the album is like a dream come true. That’s something that I know my 13-year-old self would be like, ‘----, you the sh-t for that.’”

Along with the release of the album, 24kGoldn will also be in an exclusive TikTok live concert on March 27. Listen to 24kGoldn’s debut album El Dorado featuring DaBaby, Future, Swae Lee, and more down below. He also performed “3, 2, 1” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, which you can check out up top.