Toward the end of last year, we brought you the first two parts of Henrie Kwushue’s globe-trotting Who We Be series, an extension of the long-running podcast she’s been co-hosting. The three-part tour started right on her doorstep at Notting Hill Carnival before she flew out to Accra, Ghana, and now, for the final leg, she’s landed in Kingston, Jamaica.

Just like the first two episodes, food and culture were at the heart of Henrie’s mission in Kingston. While there, she connected with local singer-songwriter Jane Macgizmo who reintroduced her to some familiar culinary classics like pepper soup that have since found their way over to the UK.

Later on, we follow Henrie as she takes a deeper dive into the music that’s popping off in Jamaican youth and, as it turns out, there’s a lot more to it than simply dancehall. Finally, we also see her hop in the booth as Bad Gyal Henrie to team up with some local producers, including Roze Don, Teflon, and Troublemekka, before he she heads out to a dance class to shake a leg with Jungle star and new gen dancehall talent Laa Lee. 

Hit play on the third episode above, then revisit the first episode here and the second episode here.