A day after getting pardoned by now former president Donald Trump, Lil Wayne, who pleaded guilty to a federal gun possession charge in December, decided to drop off a new track. The song, which is titled "Ain't Got Time," features Fousheé. 

"Ain't Got Time" arrives just a few days after Wayne dropped off "Green and Yellow (Green Bay Packers Theme Song)."

You can listen to "Ain't Got Time" up top via YouTube or below on Spotify.

Following news of the pardon, Wayne's attorney Howard Srebnick said that it was "consistent with the views of many jurists—including Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett—that prosecuting a non-violent citizen for merely possessing a firearm violates the Second Amendment to the U. S. Constitution." 

Many believed that Wayne meeting with Trump and publicly supporting the former president's alleged "Platinum Plan" back in October factored into the reality television star's decision to pardon the rapper.

Speaking of rappers and Trump, the former president granted a commutation to Kodak Black.