Mulatto has made a name for herself through her braggadocious raps and gaudy lyrics. She decided to show another side of herself by personifying the Christmas spirit in the new video for her latest single, "Spend It."

Mulatto explains at the beginning of the video that she considered creating an extravagant video that matched the sound's lyrics. But instead, she found it more suitable to flip the track's meaning on its head by spending some cash on people in her community.

"Originally, I was going to have this super flexed up video. Pull out them racks, pull out them foreigns, and just talk about how I'm the youngest and the richest," Mulatto said. "But, it's Christmas time. It's holiday time. And I thought a better way to spend that shit would be to give back to the community."

Throughout the visual, Mulatto is seen walking through a store where she pays for shoppers' groceries as well as picks up toys, electronics, and other items to take with her. She then stops by a local Little Caesar's where she buys a massive amount of pizzas. She then pulls up to an apartment community with a truck full of the things she bought, and hands out the food and other goods to residents while signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. It's the kind of feel good video we need for what's shaping up to be a difficult holiday season for so many. 

Watch the video for Mulatto's new single, "Spend It," above.