After having a run-in with the police just a few days prior, Lil Tjay was arrested Wednesday afternoon for criminal possession of a weapon, marijuana possession, and grand larceny.

According to TMZ, the 19-year-old rapper was driving in Brooklyn with four other people in the car when they were pulled over for switching lanes without using a signal. When officers approached the vehicle, they reportedly smelled marijuana, which prompted a search. The officers would end up finding 4 loaded handguns and a large amount of marijuana in the car that Tjay and the others were in. 

While it is still unclear where the grand larceny charge came from, since no one in the vehicle would claim ownership of the illegal substances and firearms, everyone was booked and hit with possession charges yesterday. There has been no report on the current status of TJay and those in the car with him, or how long they will remain in police custody.

Lil Tjay had another encounter with police last weekend when they attempted to shut down a music video he was shooting in the city. After responding to a call they said they received about people waving guns around in the street, NYPD officers investigated the vehicles on the scene but did not find anything. Tjay was released shortly after the search yielded no evidence.