When Kid Cudi announced his new album Man on the Moon III: The Chosen on Instagram, the buzz was instantaneous. New Cudi? Another Man on the Moon? A new Pop Smoke verse? Phoebe Bridgers makes an appearance? 

For all the excitement, there were lots of questions: Would he stick closely to the themes of Man on the Moon? How would he update the MOTM aesthetic for 2020? With all of this in mind, we eagerly tuned in to his interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe on Thursday afternoon. The two chopped it up for 50 minutes, running through Cudi’s history as an artist, his mental health issues and drug abuse, and what we can expect from MOTMIII

The first thing we notice is how upbeat Cudi is. Throughout the interview he’s smiling and energetic. His excitement for the new album is electric and palpable. He’s candid with his shortcomings and fears, and about the process behind making this new album. For all his ups and downs, Cudi is thrilled to be presenting this new work and discussing it with Lowe. “Everything’s in place. I’m happy,” he says at the end of the interview, with a glowing smile on his face. 

As for what’s coming next? Cudi’s itching to tour this album as soon as it’s safe. “This album was made with touring in mind. I wanna blow this up.” Though this prospect is a long way off, it’s exciting to hear Cudi excited about hitting the road again. With anticipation growing on the day before MOTMIII is released, we broke down the highlights of his interview with Zane Lowe, including his desire to be respected as an MC and how Eminem gave him confidence to rap his ass off.

You can watch a 17-minute segment of the interview on YouTube and see the full thing on Apple Music here.